Does Your Family have an Evacuation Plan?

Wildfires in California are here. Do you and your family know what to do in case you have to evacuate? We’ve got some ideas on how to make sure that you and your friends, children and pets are safe.

The first thing to do is to designate a meeting location outside of the fire or hazardous area. Make sure that you have an evacuation plan for any pets or large animals to keep them out of harms way as well. Create two different meeting places, one in your neighborhood and one outside of your neighborhood. Make sure everyone in the family knows how to get to these places. Appoint an emergency contact, both locally and outside of the area, they can act as a source of communication among your loved ones, update them frequently. Also make sure that there are several different escape routes planned from your home and community. Make sure to practice these escape routes routinely so that you and your family are familiar in case of an emergency. Sit down with your family and go over all of these things, write them down in our Emergency Family Plan. On this plan include any medications and allergies as well as your pet registration number. Put this Plan with other important documents you would need to grab and take with you, we suggest putting everything in your PMIA Member binder or in a box with your binder.

We also advise that you and your loved ones be prepared at home. This includes having a fire extinguisher on hand and making sure that your family is aware of how to use it. Also make sure to map out where gas, electric and water main shut off controls are located in order to shut them off in case of an emergency. Make make sure you have an emergency medical kit assembled for each person. Keep them in your home and in your car in case you are unable to grab them in the event of evacuation. Let your neighbors know about your action plan as well, share with your community in case they don’t have one set in place or compare and see what other ways you can prepare yourself in the case of an evacuation. Fires are scary and stressful, but there are things you can do and various precautions that can be taken in order to make sure that you and your family are safe in the event of evacuating due to a wildfire. These are just some small tips to make sure that you’re prepared, but always make sure that you’re keeping up to date on things like evacuation routes and medical supplies. You are important, so make sure that you all stay safe! Contact us for a copy of our Family Evacuation Plan template below.





Family Emergency Plan

Family Emergency Plan pg 2

Photo: CNN Campfire fire Nov 10th